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The whole wardrobe is a popular choice in the home now. It is divided into three forms: the wall wardrobe, the customized wardrobe and the cloakroom. The customized whole wardrobe is now more popular. The following small series will bring you the sharing of customized brands and prices of the overall wardrobe, to understand the costs of customizing the overall wardrobe

I. customized brands and prices of integrated wardrobe

1. Customized brands of integrated wardrobe

many wardrobe brands in the industry have customized integrated wardrobe businesses, including Sofia wardrobe, haolaike wardrobe, AIG wardrobe, Weiyi wardrobe, schneiman wardrobe, canoya wardrobe, Bestwin wardrobe, deffman customized wardrobe, novija wardrobe, and Eddie wardrobe

2. Customized price of the overall wardrobe

generally speaking, the price of customized overall wardrobe is calculated according to the projected area or expanded area. Customizing the overall wardrobe with a size of 2400*2400 mm will cost about 6000-12000 yuan, and its price will also be affected by materials, styles, functions, etc

of course, the customized prices of different grades of overall wardrobe are also different, which are generally divided into three prices: low-grade, medium-grade and high-grade. Among them, the high-end customized wardrobe is for successful people, and the price is about 350 yuan/square meter. The middle-end is for white-collar people, and the price is about 200 yuan/square meter, while the low-end is for the public, and the price is about 120 yuan/square meter

second, what is the cost of customizing the overall wardrobe

1. Design cost

comparatively speaking, the overall wardrobe will be more personalized than the finished wardrobe, so it is more distinctive in design. The overall wardrobe designer is similar to the interior designer and also needs to charge a certain fee. The design fee will be adjusted according to the complexity of the overall wardrobe. Different regions have different prices. Generally, the average design price is 20-50 yuan/square meter

2. Material cost

material cost is an important part of the overall wardrobe cost. Its cost is mainly calculated according to the unfolded area or front projection area. The front projection area is to calculate the length of the cabinet × High is OK, and the expansion area needs to expand all the cabinets + the area of the partition, which is more complex to calculate

3. Cost of moving door

if it is an open overall wardrobe, the cost of moving door does not need to be calculated. If not, the cost is about 800-1000 yuan/square meter

4. Hardware cost

hardware such as sliding door buffer, handle, pulley and damping wheel in the overall wardrobe also costs a lot, about 30-50 yuan/piece

5. Installation cost

generally speaking, the installation cost of the overall wardrobe is free, which is delivered and installed by the manufacturer or brand free of charge

editor's summary: the above is the introduction of the customized brand and price of the overall wardrobe. Customizing the overall wardrobe requires a lot of money. I hope the content shared by the editor can help you. If you want to know more about relevant aspects, you can pay attention to our information





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