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Stainless steel sink is the most used and practical product at present. It is no longer a simple sink. It pays more attention to detail design and adds more functions

stainless steel sink is the most used and practical product at present. It is no longer a simple sink. It pays more attention to detail design and adds more functions. Looking at the following introduction, it is not so difficult to buy a stainless steel sink with outstanding cost performance

at present, stainless steel sinks on the market are mixed. When choosing stainless steel sinks, you should master a little common sense of purchase, see more different products, and pay attention to the following aspects

look carefully at the stainless steel plate

the thickness of the steel plate of the stainless steel sink is best between 0.8-1.0mm. Within this thickness, choose 304 stainless steel. The sink has toughness, which can avoid the damage caused by the impact of various ceramics, stainless steel and other utensils to the greatest extent. The simplest way is to press the surface of the sink with a little force. If it can be pressed down, it means that the material is very thin, and vice versa

the basin wall is straight, without bulges and obvious stretching marks; The panel is straight and rigid, without large bending (within 2mm of the front and back of the double basin), and the four sides of the panel are not concave and convex

the water removal device must be handy

automatic lifting button

the automatic water removal device also includes an automatic lifting button matching the water removal device. When buying, try to see if the button is flexible and elastic, and try to choose a brand with guaranteed quality

manual water remover

when selecting the manual water remover, try whether it is easy to pull it out, and choose the one with weight in your hand, so as to ensure that the material is durable and not easy to rust

drainage fittings should be durable

drainage pipes

the quality of the outlet and the downpipe directly affects the use of the sink. Don't ignore this small section of the downpipe connecting the sink. Poor selection may cause sewage infiltration. Although they are all PVC pipes, the quality varies greatly. When picking, it mainly depends on the hardness and thickness of the pipes and the treatment of the ports. You can squeeze it hard. If the pipe wall is very thick, the extrusion does not deform, and the port treatment is smooth and tight, it is a better drain pipe

the water outlet has steel ball positioning, extrusion sealing and console controlled water removal. It has strong sealing property, which is convenient for rapid storage of water, can automatically filter impurities, avoid blocking the water pipe, and uses high-quality rubber, which is not easy to wear. Fasten the seals with self tapping screws to ensure sealing and safe and fast operation

bottom treatment cannot be less

waterproof coating

under normal circumstances, a damp proof layer will be sprayed on the bottom of the back of the sink, which can keep the bottom of the sink fresh and clean, prevent water droplets due to the temperature difference between cold and hot, and prevent the cabinet from getting damp and moldy. Check the coating carefully. The coating must be uniform. Sprinkle a drop of water on the surface of the coating to see whether the water can be sucked dry. If not, the moisture-proof effect cannot be achieved

silencing pad

there is generally a silencing pad or a silencing coating at the bottom of the sink. There should also be a silencing pad outside the waterproof coating to reduce the noise of water flow and prevent water seepage and air leakage. When buying, you should choose one that is large and closely combined with the bottom of the sink. Judge whether the silencing effect can be achieved. Hold the sink in your hand, and then tap the bottom of the basin. If the sound is loud, the silencing effect is poor. If the sound is dull, it means that the noise can be reduced

the integrated water tank is better in material and processing technology than that of welding, and it is more durable. However, it is not easy to distinguish from the appearance, but the production process of the sink using imported 304 steel plate is generally better. If you have high requirements for the quality of the sink, it is recommended to choose famous brand products and buy one at ease

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