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"At the time of signing the contract, it was said that 80000 yuan was agreed, but later, I kept looking for excuses to ask for money, and I didn't know whether the fee was at the end", the owner, Mr. Xue, complained to the editor. The reason for clearly negotiated prices to change is vague. The Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network specially searched the Internet and found that Mr. Xue's situation was not a case. The cost of the contract is clearly marked, but the final decoration cost list is often much higher. In a word, the decoration cost has changed greatly, and you didn't discuss it

according to the editor, Mr. Xue bought a 120 square meter house in Hankou and planned to simply decorate it for rent, so he found a decoration company in Hankou and went to the company to have a brief talk. The decoration company quoted 80000. Mr. Xue thinks the price is acceptable. The next day, he signed a decoration contract with the decoration company and paid a deposit on the spot

the house was decorated in two months, but the list of decoration expenses brought by the decoration company made Mr. Xue dumbfounded. He said that 80000 would become 120000. Mr. Xue said he couldn't accept it, but the decoration company said that the cost in the contract was only a preliminary budget. Some materials were changed or increased, or more things were done, so the cost would be higher than that indicated in the contract

for decoration Xiaobai like Mr. Xue, the routine of decoration companies is always overwhelming. I always think that there should be no problem with the negotiated price and the legally effective contract. However, the decoration company often takes people off guard. The sentence "the contract cost is only the preliminary budget, which gives you additional items, and the cost of course increases" makes you speechless, just like the sentence "the picture is for reference only, please take the material object as the standard" on instant noodles, so how to solve this problem




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