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Now, people pay more and more attention to "door", but many people often don't know how to choose "door" correctly. So how to choose? What's in it

three classification methods of wooden doors

① according to the purpose:

such as family entrance door, bedroom door, study door, kitchen door, etc. According to different purposes, there are different requirements for the specification, style and performance of the door. For families, the door is the first to enter and exit, and there are big things to enter and exit. Therefore, the specification and size are larger, and the width of the door is preferably 900 mm to 1600 mm. The child and mother door or double door used by most people generally adopts the board door with solid structure and style, so as to achieve the purpose of tight concealment

the bedroom door emphasizes Tibetan treasures. Most of them use panel doors, with no visibility. The door width is about 800mm, and most of them are swing doors. The kitchen door can be made into an operation corridor and exquisite furnishings of the kitchen where people can be seen through the through vision or semi through vision. It can be full glass or semi glass, and the width of the door leaf is generally between 700 mm and 800 mm

② according to the type of wood:

in high-end wood doors and general wood doors, high-end wood doors are made of precious wood, showing luxury and the owner's cultural cultivation. The existing famous woods include walnut, Shabili, cherry, teak, etc. Generally, most of the wooden doors are made of fir or other wood. The fir is divided into hemlock, spruce, fir, metasequoia, cedar, etc. among them, hemlock is the best in terms of color and hardness

③ according to the internal structure of wooden doors:

can be divided into solid wood doors, craft doors and plywood doors

the solid wood door is made of the same kind of wood inside and outside, which is made through the non deformation manufacturing process. It has good three-dimensional effect and strong environmental protection. It is suitable for high-end decoration projects and luxury house decoration

the craft door is made of different wood inside and outside, which is made by special technology. Its three-dimensional effect and quality are worse than that of solid wood door, which is suitable for general decoration engineering

plywood doors are built with wooden strips in the middle and closed with decorative panels on both sides. This kind of door has low cost and is generally only suitable for engineering decoration





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