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" Green environmental protection " As the latest idea of home furnishing trend in the new season, it is increasingly respected by people of insight in the industry and valued by people living in downtown areas. When choosing furniture, people are no longer completely influenced by style and price; When decorating the house, it is no longer confused by the trendy and avant-garde. We pay more attention to environmentally friendly home furnishings. So what are the characteristics of environmentally friendly home? How to choose

[what are the characteristics of environmentally friendly furniture]

1. The auxiliary materials of environmentally friendly furniture should be energy-saving, pollution-free and easy to recycle

2. The materials of green furniture tend to be natural. They do not contain harmful substances and do not emit harmful gases. Even if they are no longer used, they are easy to be recycled and reused

3. The product design of green environmental protection furniture conforms to the principle of ergonomics, reduces redundant functions, and will not have adverse effects and injuries on human body under normal and abnormal use

4. During the design and production of green furniture, the service life of the product should be extended as much as possible to make the furniture more durable, so as to reduce the energy consumption in reprocessing

[there are three main types of environmentally friendly furniture]

the first type is wooden furniture based on logs. This type is natural wooden furniture whose appearance maintains the original wood color, does not add any paint process and artificial decorative materials to cover and seal edges, and only uses natural wax to polish. This kind of furniture not only maintains the natural color, but also has an idyllic atmosphere, so it is very popular. It is predicted that the re popularity of natural wood furniture will impact the furniture market of plastic veneer, gorgeous board, Polaroid board and teak veneer

the second category is carpets and floors made of natural materials. Chemical fiber carpets and plastic floors that are not conducive to environmental protection will be phased out gradually, while carpets made of pure wool or rags, wood and bamboo floors, etc. have a promising market trend

the third type is rattan and bamboo full of natural flavor

[how to identify environmentally friendly home]

1. Look at the fabric: it contains formaldehyde, heavy metals, and harmful organic substances in dyes

2. Look at the board: chemical raw materials such as adhesives, hardeners and waterproof agents need to be used in the processing of various wood-based boards, which release substances harmful to human body: free formaldehyde; It mainly exists in adhesives mainly composed of urea formaldehyde resin

3. Look at metal accessories: cyanide is contained in the electroplating solution

4. Look at adhesives: they mainly exist in the process of using adhesives, including formaldehyde, benzene, etc

5. Look at the paint: treat the paint on the surface of furniture to see whether it contains formaldehyde and benzene

6. Check whether the glass contains lead

7: measurement noise: whether it exceeds the standard, and the normal DB is between 30-40

conclusion: in addition to choosing environmentally friendly homes, we can also put more plants that can purify air quality and absorb harmful gases. At the same time, it can also beautify the environment and reduce the harm of harmful substances to human body





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